Global digital strategy, design and campaign execution for the world’s leading business referral network.


I led a small team of strategists, designers and developers to reimagine every aspect of BNI’s digital platform, from UX strategy to content creation and visual design language. BNI has over 220,000 members and 7,300 chapters worldwide, across 68 countries. The majority of these chapters were operating independently, and each had their own website and logo.

One of our biggest challenges was to unify all the chapters with the new global design system we created, while still allowing flexibility and customization at the local and regional level. Due to the global scale of the organization, we had to coordinate with dozens of client stakeholders and teams in order to align on overall experience strategy, as well as content and technology requirements.


— Strategy, Creative Direction, UX
— Wray Ward, 2018

w/ — Lucas Weber, Trevor Plassman, Josiah Goodrum, Elaine Borgmeier, Dana Williams