Coats Automotive

A digital experience for the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer, designed to build awareness and create new leads within the luxury automobile industry.


As a leading supplier of automotive thread, Coats had great success with U.S. domestic automotive manufacturers. Unfortunately, their marketing efforts had fallen flat within the luxury European automotive market. Working under a tight timeline and budget, we created a series of videos and an interactive microsite to reintroduce the brand and serve as a hardworking lead-generation tool. Our concept focused on the brand’s detail-oriented approach to design, quality and craftsmanship.

My team worked closely with Coats to map out every single touch point, goal and KPI for the entire campaign. Originally intended to run for only three months, the campaign was so successful that it was extended for over a year. The site garnered more than 28,000 page views in seven weeks, an average of 4,000 page views per week. Visits have resulted in more than 6,000 video plays and 215 PDF downloads and the average time on page is an impressive 3:05.


— Strategy, Creative Direction, UX, Design
— Wray Ward, 2016

w/ — Justin Holt, Scott Ellmaker, Aaron Putnam, Justin Smith, John Manning, Brad Hood, Ian Anderson