VELUX Skylights

A digital campaign platform, designed to inform, engage and inspire consumer audiences.


Having increased consumer awareness with previous marketing efforts, VELUX wanted to reach customers who were considering skylights for their homes and answer their most frequently asked questions. To drive this initiative, we created an integrated campaign and a robust digital platform, designed specifically to inform, engage and inspire consumer audiences.

We based the site experience around the customer purchase journey, educating users about the benefits and features of skylights, while provided inspiration along the way. As a first touch-point, we created an interactive Product Advisor to provide a product recommendation and connect them to a VELUX certified installer. An atomic design approach, with a mobile-first emphasis, allowed us to move from sketches and wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes within weeks.


— Strategy, Creative Direction, UX, Design
— Wray Ward, 2018

w/ — John Manning, Lucas Weber, Elaine Borgmeier, Katie Howson, Jennifer Vorhees, Ian Anderson, Linnea Stoops, Dana Haydock, Trevor Plassman